Professional Yacht Deliveries

The time you have on the water with your yacht is precious. When you get to your boat you then have to do all the preparation to make her seaworthy and your range is restricted by your location and the time you have available. So how about using our professional yacht deliveries to not only put your yacht in a new sailing location but also to prepare your yacht for you. Make the most of your precious sailing time and get more out of your yacht.


As part of a 'yacht prep' service we can clean the yacht inside and out, service your engine, put on the sails, check lines...the service is tailor-made so why don't you tell us what you want doing.

Our skippers are qualified, experienced, professional and fully equipped with whatever is needed.


There will always be a someone willing to deliver your yacht cheaper or even for free. However, would you want them to?

Want to move the boat yourself but are short on experienced hands to help? How about an 'owner-assist' delivery for a helping hand, as crew or skipper, to move your prize possession.


What we offer is a professional and affordable yacht delivery service tailor-made to your yacht and budget. 

All deliveries include regular position and progress updates via SPOT GEN3 Satellite Messenger for peace of mind.