The Team

Maid of Wyven

East Coast Gaff-Cutter

Maid is our base of operations and home upon the water.
She is a 1950 gaff-rig yacht, designed by Dr W Radcliffe and built by Lewis Worsp
in Wivenhoe on the River Colne. Her lines were taken from a 1920 east-coast
Bawley and in 2017 we restored her back to her former glory and original rig
at the Historic Underfall Yard in Bristol.

She is more than a sailing boat. She is a home, a life's dream, a life-style, a
hobby/full-time job, an education in traditional boat-building techniques and
maintenance and an adventure all by herself. 

Paul 'Lex' Fjelrad

Director & Skipper

Paul is our Managing Director. Although he has been a freelance
technology consultant for the last 20 years he has spent the majority of
his life on the water through early years deep-sea fishing and in sailing dinghies to
training for his Yachtmaster and instructor qualifications in 2009.

He's sailed throughout the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, all around the UK, across the
Atlantic and in the Caribbean. Sailing and the ocean is his life-long passion and the
goal with forming Watchmen Sailing has always been to share that passion.

Sara Nash

Admin & Operations

Sara manages all the administration and operations for Watchmen Sailing, acting as shore-support to ensure all the voyages, from booking to handover, go smoothly.

Who are our frinds?


Sailing Jollies

We thoroughly recommend Sailing Jollies Sailing Adventures in Greece and beyond with opportunities for crew and skipper development training or just a great holiday.


Halcyon yachts

We take part in international yacht
deliveries for Halcyon and in 2018
we are partnering with Halcyon and
Sailing Jollies for charters on the
classic 1949 yacht 'Boleh'.



We are proud to support the great
work of Eleanor at SaltyJobs as
the centre of a new community
within the marine industry and also
as a contributor to their articles.